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High Voltage Rescue Kit (02)  

Part No. HVRK02


Complete Electrical Rescue Kit to protect against electrical hazards. This product is used extensively in the oil industry and marine applications. Robust protection of equipment in rigid PVC cabinet with a zip opening to ensure the equipment is environmentally protected but easy to access. All equipment conforms to IEC/EN requirements.



Blue Rigid PVC Wall Mounted Cabinet

Electrical Insulating Gloves - IEC60903- Class 3

Electrical Insulating Boots - EN50321- Class 0 - Tested 20kV

Electrical Insulating Matting- IEC61111- Class 3

Electrical Insulating Cutters - Tested 25kV

Electrical Insulating Rescue Stick 1.5m- Tested 45kV

Rescue Protocol Instructions





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