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High Voltage Rescue Kits

The rescue kit for emergency use is used by those facing a potential exposure to an electrical hazard. The PPE storage cabinet contains the complete system of equipment  to protect a person while rescuing  a injuried person involved with direct contact with an electrical voltage.

Installed on oil platforms to switch rooms.

AC and DC versions available.

Bespoke kits are available on request.


Hanco Testing Equipment

Authorized distributors of Hanco Testing Equipment. With over 30 years experience in electrical testing rubber goods for live working.


We offer excellent technical and service support to all our equipment worldwide.

Fully CE marked to Machinery Directive.


Used by manufacturers, laboratories and industry to validate products that are safe for use on live working networks.

Project Managment

Utility infrastructure service provider in the UK is our core strength. Our reputation of attention to safety, environmental awareness, regulatory compliance and excellence in customer care. Working on the leading utlility projects in the UK, we work with a range of disciplines used in the industry.

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